Global Allianz UK Ltd is a London based trading company. Our activities encompass import, export and logistical services covering a range of product types and spanning several geographies. Our primary area of focus is steel trading. We have also recently ventured into small scale software development.

Given our origins and experience, our strategic area of focus is with steel. We source several steel items from Europe for the Asian markets such as Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Bangaladesh, Vieatnam and also source steel products for Europe from Asia. Since we often work with our associate/joint venture mills and traders in South Asia, we work to provide a ready market for steel products there.

Through our tie-ups and often-exclusive arrangements with leading manufacturers in Europe and Asia, our products are of very high standards

We at Global Allianz are committed to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. To that extent, we will ensure that the products are to the specifications of the customer and we co-ordinate all logistics to ensure that they the customer’s doorstep in the most timely and efficient manner.

Please feel free to ask further questions and we look forward to starting a profitable business relationship with you.

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